Citizens Theatre and Scottish Opera present double bill of family opera

Double Bill of Family Opera

Opera for children explores tricks and tools to delay going to bed

Bedtime: bliss for adults, torture for kids – making it the ideal subject for a family opera. Written by Jehane Markham, with music by Orlando Gough, On the Rim of the World follows a family as they wind down at the end of the day, climb into bed and head off to the land of dreams.

‘It’s a subject matter that everyone can relate to,’ says co-director, Elly Goodman. ‘Everybody has been a child and struggled with the fact they don’t want to go to bed. Children use lots of tricks and tools to stay up and prolong the evening as much as possible, and the lyrics are about that journey.’

The show is one half of a double bill co-produced by the Citizens Theatre and Scottish Opera, and will be performed alongside Dr Ferret’s Bad Medicine Road Show, based on Hilaire Belloc’s Cautionary Tales. Between them, the operas showcase the talents of Scottish Opera’s Connect Company and Orchestra for 16-21-year-olds, and 50 members of the local community, ranging in age from 7 to 68.

‘They’re both very visual and I think they’ll work really well side by side,’ says Goodman. ‘And they have really short scores of just under 40 minutes, which makes it more accessible for families with young children. So whether you’re coming to the theatre because you like music, very visual things or the storylines, they work on all those levels.’

Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Sat 5-Sun 6 Feb

Double Bill of Family Opera

The results of a very exciting new project in which Scottish Opera's Connect Orchestra and Company joined forces with performers from Scottish Opera's Community Performance Programme to produce two short operas suitable for everyone aged 7+, which are being performed as one show. The first, On the Rim of the World, is a…

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