Michael McIntyre upsets BGT auditionees

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  • 1 February 2011
Michael McIntyre

Michael McIntyre

Comedian Michael McIntyre made a nine-year-old boy cry during 'Britain's Got Talent' when he pressed his buzzer - signalling a no - before the youngster even started his audition

Michael McIntyre reduced a nine-year-old boy to tears during auditions for 'Britain's Got Talent'.

Budding comedian David Knight started crying and almost quit his try-out for the ITV1 show in Birmingham when the funnyman hit his buzzer - signalling a no - before he even started his act after the young boy admitted his favourite comedian was Harry Hill.

Michael - who joined David Hasselhoff and Amanda Holden on this year's panel - quickly apologised and afterwards praised the talented youngster.

He said: "I'm sorry, it was a joke, not one of my best. You're naturally funny - a star in the making."

David added: "You are not only the best nine-year-old comedian I have seen, you are the best comedian. You belong on that stage. I've never seen anyone intimidate Michael like that. I love you for it."

After the young boy left the stage, Michael admitted he hopes his meanness won't be broadcast.

He said: "He had bought a one way ticket to tears. I thought I was going to have to jump on the stage. The buzzer is so loud. I hope they edit that out. I don't want to see him jumping out of his skin."

David was not the only contestant to take offence to Michael at the Birmingham auditions.

John Hampson - who was painted gold - walked off the stage after the comic pressed the buzzer before he reached the chorus of Spandau Ballet's 'Gold'.

The clearly-surprised funnyman asked: "He's not the father of the young comedian, is he? That family hates me.

"What is it with me today? I saw a man with a gold head, singing 'Gold' and I thought, 'This is the moment I am paid to press my buzzer.' Now he is sitting in a taxi, with his gold face."

Insiders believe Michael has been told to be meaner to auditionees, but has taken it too far.

A show source said: "Michael has obviously been told he has to be ruthless as well as funny. But some people have got very upset. He is shattering their dreams."

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