Cain Dingle to cheat on Charity

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  • 1 February 2011
Jeff Hordley

Jeff Hordley

Jeff Hordley, who plays Cain Dingle in 'Emmerdale', has revealed his character will cheat on Charity Tate after he becomes convinced she has cheated on him

'Emmerdale's Cain Dingle will cheat on Charity Tate after being convinced she has been unfaithful to him.

The pair - played by Jeff Hordley and Emma Atkins - are set to split following Cain's revenge fling with Faye Lamb (Kim Thomson) when he suspects Charity of sleeping with her boss Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) on an overnight business trip.

Jeff said: "He's been getting very jealous and angry and Charity is winding him up further. He's not happy about her going away for the night to a hotel with Jai and he doesn't understand why they're staying over."

"He decides to go to the hotel with flowers and champagne and asks them to be sent up to Charity's room. When he finds out there is no room booked under Charity's name - just one under Jai Sharma who has now checked out - he instantly assumes they've had a bit of a fling. So he throws the flowers away, smashes the bottle of champagne, goes to the village, sees Faye in the pub and sleeps with her."

Jeff revealed Charity soon finds out, leading to a massive fight, but Cain refuses to back down.

He said: "It's unfortunate, really, because the next day he comes out of Faye's house and kisses her in front of Charity. Charity storms over and slaps Faye, and they have a huge row.

"He's still absolutely convinced Charity has slept with Jai and he wants her to admit something was going on. They've had arguments like this before and I think he just assumes she'll be back."

However despite the argument Jeff thinks the soap couple - who have a 20-year-old daughter Debbie Dingle together - will eventually get back together.

He added in an interview with Digital Spy: "They kind of made for each other in a lot of ways, they absolutely adore each other. But they struggle in normal domesticity.

"Cain and Charity can't live with each other but they also can't live without each other."

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