Tina O' Brien wants Coronation Street return

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  • 31 January 2011
Tina O'Brien

Tina O' Brien

Tina O' Brien has revealed she would love to return to her role as Sarah-Louise Platt in 'Coronation Street', four years after quitting

Tina O'Brien wants to return to 'Coronation Street'.

The 27-year-old actress - who quit her role as Sarah-Louise Platt in 2007 after eight years on the ITV1 show - would happily accept an offer to walk the cobbles again if there was a plausible reason for her to do so.

Asked if she would go back, she said: "Yes, maybe one day if they had a space for me. Sarah's such a big part of the Platt family - it would be nice to clear up some unfinished business. Who knows?"

The 'Waterloo Road' star admitted her desire to return to the show deepened when she watched the recent 50th anniversary episodes.

She added to We Love Telly magazine: "It's the first time that I thought - 'Oh, I wish I was there'. I really got a pang for it. I was imagining how they all must be feeling - the adrenaline and going out afterwards."

It was revealed yesterday (30.01.11) that Bruno Langley, who played Sarah-Louise's former boyfriend Todd Grimshaw, will return to 'Coronation Street' later this year.


1. babs7 Feb 2011, 12:26am Report

hello its great to hear sarah want`s to go back in to corrie i think you have been so missed since you left you played an awesome part and and amazingly acting is the best role for you! i had a baby wen i was 15 years old and i was so scared. your role was inspiraition helped me and alot of other single teenagers that i know ov` haven babys so young its so hard cos there is one thing we dont understand in our teens, that babys grow up and dont stay tinie forever its hard work as a family haveing children even more so when youre only a child yourself. you have done so much and have so meny tallents and i look forward to seeing you back in the street along with millions of others that want you there too. xx

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