Graeme Proctor's fake wedding

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  • 30 January 2011
Craig Gazey

Graeme Proctor played by Craig Gazey

'Coronation Street' butcher Graeme Proctor is set to leave the soap after being convinced to take part in a fake marriage scheme by his girlfriend, in order to help her friend get a visa

'Coronation Street' favourite Graeme Proctor will leave Weatherfield after being convinced to take part in a fake wedding.

The dozy butcher played by Craig Gazey is talked into marrying his girlfriend Tina McIntyre's (Michelle Keegan) Chinese friend Xin so she can get a visa to stay in the country in the ITV1 soap but although the deceit is Tina's idea, the lies eventually lead to their break-up.

A source told the News of the World: "Things get messy. Corrie fans love Graeme and Tina together. But the lies eventually split them up. And whether or not he is found out and sent to jail, Graeme will leave Corrie very soon."

Graeme and Tina fake a huge argument to convince people they have split up and Graeme quickly moves Xin into his flat, despite his misgivings that it could land him back in jail again.

He tells Tina: "I can't believe what we've got ourselves into. I could get seven years for doing this."

Despite Tina's assertions that "when the dust settles we'll find a way out of this", sources have revealed she quickly regrets her offer to Xin when it leads to troubles in her relationship with Graeme.

The matter becomes even more complicated when Graeme convinces his best friend and Tina's ex boyfriend David Platt and his fiancee to share their big day by having a double wedding.

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