Skins cast bonded through nudity

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 January 2011
The new Skins cast

The Skins cast

The new 'Skins' cast formed close friendships within days of meeting one another because they were forced to get naked on set almost immediately

The new 'Skins' cast bonded over getting naked.

Sebastian De Souza - who plays mysterious Matty in the E4 teen drama - joked that the eight new cast members formed friendships so quickly, they ended up missing work because they were "having massive orgies".

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "We often missed work purely through having massive orgies! Friendships were certainly formed pretty quickly."

Meanwhile, Sean Teale - who plays popular rugby player Nick Levan - admitted he became very close to his on-screen girlfriend Freya Mavor (Mini McGuinness) as they were forced to get naked together on only their first day on the 'Skins' set.

He said: "Getting naked is certainly an ice-breaker. I mean, you can't turn around and laugh at someone's weird body but it does help. Freya and I were chucked in at the deep end and had to get naked on the first day on the job.

"It does make you closer but in a really weird way. You're just comfortable with one another in a platonic way, it's definitely a bonding experience. There can be no reservations and you become totally comfortable in the company of your fellow cast members."

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