Conquering Animal Sound launch debut album of ethereal electronica

Conquering Animal Sound launch debut album of ethereal electronica

Edinburgh duo combine hushed looped vocals and understated electronics

The first time you chance upon a Conquering Animal Sound live affair, you might well be forgiven for tip-toeing back outside again. As the Edinburgh sired duo’s just released debut album, Kammerspiel should indicate at its Edinburgh launch, the CAS sound is a wilfully private affair involving Anneke Kampman’s uniquely hushed vocals looped into some ethereal multi-tracked chorale and tickled into melodious shape by Jamie Scott’s array of toy instruments, cheap keyboards and understated electronics. Together, they wash over each other with a warm, small-time sensuality designed for those wordless moments you can’t help but snuggle into, but which threaten to fall apart any second.

Taking their name from the glories of 1980s Jamaican Dub sound system Conquering Lion Sound, the more inclusive CAS have come a long way since being thrown together on a university popular music course and forced to play a version of Stevie Wonder’s 1973 pop-funk smash, ‘Superstition.’ Their sound, however, is as far away from funk and reggae as is possible. The real clue to what CAS, though, comes from the album title.

‘Kammerspiel was a German silent film movement from the 1920s,’ Kampmam explains, ‘but the word translates as “intimate play”. For me, the most exciting thing about working with Jamie is that we can share musical intimacy. Our music is very … close, and that word encapsulates how we do that.’

Kammerspiel is out on Gizeh Records and mini50 Records.

Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 12 Feb

Conquering Animal Sound, Pumajaw and Plum

Ambient electronica from this duo, now based in Glasgow, heading this Limbo night. Support comes from Pumajaw – who are producer/multi-instrumentalist John Wills (ex-Loop) and songwriter/chanteuse Pinkie Maclure.

DHC v This Is Music?

Indie-electro night hosted by Conquering Animal Sound and the DHC DJs.

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