Glasgow club Stay Plastic prepares for first birthday

Glasgow club Stay Plastic prepares for first birthday

Detroit house legend Patrice Scott is lined up to help them celebrate

‘We never wanted this night to be about one specific genre,’ says Grahame Ward, one of the trio behind fresh-faced party night Stay Plastic. ‘It was about playing electronic dance music that we all liked, from techno to garage to UK funky, and getting in some of the best new talent that had never played Glasgow before.’

Although Stay Plastic’s only been a regular concern for a year, Ward, Chris Dardis and Richard Strang (aka residents Wardy, Sidrad and Danceaff) first ran a couple of nights under the same name half a decade ago, when they were youngsters receiving their musical education through nights like Pressure and Numbers, when the latter was at the Brunswick Hotel basement. Yet now they’ve reached the level where they can attract a big name birthday guest like Detroit’s Patrice Scott. ‘We’re big fans of his music and his Sistrum label,’ says Ward, ‘and we’ve heard good reports from mates in London about his set. Besides, if we were to stop the club next month, we’d want to say we’d had someone from Detroit in to play.’

To make the occasion special, and possibly also to prove their hardcoreness, the trio will be hosting a very late afterparty at the Halt on Woodlands Road the next day. ‘We’ve got guys from some of our favourite nights,’ says Ward, ‘like Fortified, Jelly Roll Soul, Scrabble and Hologram. They’re mates of ours too, you tend to see a lot of the same faces at the quality underground nights. I think the same entry fee just gets passed about between us over each month.’

La Cheetah, Glasgow, Fri 11 Feb; The Halt, Glasgow, Sat 12 Feb.

Stay Plastic

Regulars Wardy, Sidrad and Danceaff play house, techno, Latin and whatever else they feel like, with special guests.

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