Edinburgh psychedelic ensemble Delta Mainline hit their stride

Edinburgh psychedelic ensemble Delta Mainline hit their groove

Success with second EP sparks plans to record album

In A World Full Of Madness, The Simple Joy Of Melody Can Pull You Through EP by Delta Mainline

They’ve got eight years of history behind them, but only now do Delta Mainline feel as if they’re hitting their groove. Formed in Musselburgh by childhood friends David McLachlan (singer and guitarist) and Gavin King (bass player), they’ve since grown to an eight-strong outfit. Two months ago the group released their impressively-named EP ‘In a World Full of Madness, the Simple Joy of Melody Can Pull You Through’, and its rootsy, well-executed psychedelia, says McLachlan, is giving them hope for the future.

‘This is our second EP, but it’s the first one that’s really showed us what we’re about as a band. The response that we’ve had to it has probably been my highlight of all this so far, it shows that all the time spent and the studio costs have been worth it.’

Will an album be on its way?
‘Yeah, we’re currently recording at Chem19 in Glasgow, we’ve got one track in the can and we’re planning to go back in at the end of March and do some more. There are other things happening for us too, we’ve got an application in with Creative Scotland and someone from a label down in England is coming to see us at this gig, so hopefully we’ll be able to get enough funding together to push on and finish the record.’

It must be a nightmare trying to get eight people together to play live.
‘Yeah, we need to pick venues that can handle us all. But once we’ve recorded something we want to play it as honestly as possible live, so we need the personnel, really. ‘

Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Sat 5 Feb, with The Machine Room and PET.

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