My Jerusalem - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sun 16 Jan (4 stars)

My Jerusalem - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sun 16 Jan

Unexposed American indie supergroup brings their underground collaboration to Scotland

Assembled by singer-songwriter Jeff Klein, formerly of The Twilight Singers, supergroup (of a modest American indie pedigree) My Jerusalem’s other five members are variously associated with The Polyphonic Spree, St Vincent, Cursive, Great Northern and Bishop Allen among others, and they’ve got the bushy beards to prove it. Well, not bassist Ashley Dzerigian, but you get the idea.

It’s back to sparsely-filled basement venues for all concerned – the band’s debut album Gone for Good received precious little exposure, and word-of-mouth is yet to spread. But not for long judging by this electrifying set, which couldn’t have been of a higher intensity if it was for 2500 folk, rather than a mere 25.

There’s something Jeff Tweedy-ish about the way that Klein pulls his tunes from such a versatile Americana place that he can kick them in any old direction – from laid-back alt-country to off-the-hook rock meltdown – and still create a cohesive body of song. The warm horns and cello of ‘Sweet Chariot’ recalled The National, while driving, unhinged stomp ‘Bury It Low’ could have been penned by Modest Mouse. You wouldn’t bet against My Jerusalem matching either of those bands’ successes given time.

Captain’s Rest, Glasgow, Sun 16 Jan

Sweet Chariot by My Jerusalem

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