No fairytale ending for Emmerdale's Aaron and Jackson

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  • 25 January 2011
Emmerdale actor Marc Silcock

Emmerdale actor Marc Silcock

Emmerdale's Aaron Livesy and Jackson Walsh won't experience the ''fairytale ending'' many fans have been longing for, and are soon set to part ways

Emmerdale's Aaron Livesy and Jackson Walsh won't have the "fairytale ending" many fans are hoping for.

Marc Silcock - who plays tetraplegic builder Jackson in the ITV1 soap - explained it would be "extremely difficult" for the pair to reconcile their differences after everything they have been through, and despite being one of the show's best-loved couples, could be soon set to part ways.

He said: "I'm fully aware of how much everybody likes the coupling of Aaron and Jackson and the response that we've had is unbelievable. Obviously everybody wants a fairytale ending, but with the situation that the characters find themselves in, I think it would be extremely difficult for anybody to believe a happy resolution between the two of them.

"I'm not saying that it's impossible, but I think it's nigh on impossible that the two of them would ever hold hands and go off into the distance."

However, the actor admitted the reason for the split will primarily be down to his alter-ego's guilt over burdening boyfriend Aaron - played by Danny Miller - with his severe disability.

Marc added to Digital Spy: "I think they're heading almost to a resolution, really. Jackson is getting a bit sick of Aaron hanging about and feeling guilty, and he really doesn't want to burden Aaron anymore by having him in his life.

"He doesn't want the fact that he's paralysed and a tetraplegic to have any effect on a young man's life, so Jackson starts to forcefully push Aaron away. It's not subtly and it's not sneakily - he does it to his face and tells Aaron that he should go, have another man, have a life and go out."


1. sidzpinkfoot20 May 2011, 11:54am Report

Excellent ongoing storyline - very moving and emotive between Aaron/Jackson/Hazel & Paddy.
Still can't think why Jackson didn't wheel himself off the platform at Whitby and under a train - perhaps with his past experience with a train, that was just a little too close for comfort !!

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