No Boyzone tour for Barbarellas

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 January 2011


Barbarellas singers Keavy and Edele Lynch have admitted their feud with Boyzone manager Louis Walsh will prevent them from ever touring with their brother Shane Lynch's group

Louis Walsh won't allow Barbarellas to tour with Boyzone.

Although their older brother Shane Lynch is a member of the four-piece boyband, Barbarellas singers Edele and Keavy Lynch have admitted their ongoing feud with Boyzone's manager Louis Walsh rules out any possibility of them joining the Irish crooners on tour.

When asked if they would join their older brother on tour, Keavy said: "Tour with Boyzone? Louis already has his claws in there and his claws are thicker than our blood. You can't get away from him."

Although Keavy and Edele's former group B*Witched topped the UK charts with their first four singles, they say 'X Factor' judge Louis has never been supportive and even told them Shane was the only star in their family.

Keavy said: "He's never really been behind us. Even back in the day he used to say 'there's only one star in a family'. When he first listened to the B*Witched album he said 'there's only one song on there'. And how wrong was he? We went on to have four number ones and were probably one of the biggest UK and Ireland acts in America at the time."

The sisters and Louis re-opened their feud when Louis claimed his new girl band Wonderland will be huge and said Ireland have never had a big girl band before.

Keavy explained: "When the radio show host stopped him and mentioned B*Witched he just went 'please why are we talking about them?'

"It could be because he realised he had a missed opportunity because he did introduce us to our English manager so it's possible that he was upset he missed the boat on that one.

"But you know Louis he doesn't like to promote anything that isn't his own and we were never his.

Barbarellas first single 'Body Rock' is released January 31st

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