Russell Kane set for non-festival date at Edinburgh Pleasance

Russell Kane set for non-festival date at Edinburgh Pleasance

Five things you might not know about the comedian

1: Born in Enfield, Kane lives near his adopted hometown of Southend. Armed with an English degree, he worked in advertising before deciding that comedy might provide an exit door out of his 9–5 treadmill. This despite him not really knowing what a stand-up gig looked like and leading early onlookers to praise his fresh take on the form.

2: The downside to his outsider approach is that he has suffered terrible stage fright. At his first gig, he couldn’t hold the mic properly for shaking so much. This would have come as no surprise to any of his former advertising colleagues who might recall him suffering panic attacks whenever he was to deliver a presentation. He has described live comedy as ‘a bungee jump for the ego’.

3:: Kane married his comedy girlfriend (as in ‘girlfriend who also does comedy’), Sadie Hasler, who had cropped up as an extra in his early Edinburgh shows. She performed her full Fringe debut last August with Lady Bones, clearly sprinkling him with the lucky stuff given that he won the Edinburgh Comedy Award having been twice shortlisted.

4: Although 2010 will go down as a glory year for Kane, it started off pretty badly when he was bitten on the lip by a family dog and rushed to casualty. Given that he was due for a barrel of TV work at the start of the year, he was not amused by news from a nurse that he might be scarred for life.

5: Not one to take a bad review sitting down, he has used quotes from less than glowing write-ups as the basis for two Edinburgh show titles: 2007’s Easy Cliché and Tired Stereotype and the following year’s Gaping Flaws.

Pleasance Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 29 Jan.

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The chirpy Essex boy's new show is about life, the self and his Dad buying a council flat.

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