Ian Green - Fuzz to Folk (2 stars)

Ian Green - Fuzz to Folk

Autobiography from founder of folk record label Greentrax

The life of Ian Green is certainly a packed one. Speedway champ, Korean veteran, grower of prize-winning chrysanthemums, police inspector and folk music entrepreneur are among the entries on his CV, but whether he can add ‘accomplished writer’ to his list of achievements is another question. Such a tale might have been better served by a more incisive biographer, who could have given a bit of welly to the anecdotes and larger context. Green’s prose is just a little too flat and you know you’re in trouble when exclamation marks need to be thrown in to tell us it’s time to be excited.

Still, if you can shield yourself from the book’s obvious flaws, there’s a remarkable story to be told as Green strolls through his life to the point where he founded Greentrax, the folk record company which has housed the diverse likes of Salsa Celtica and the McCalmans.

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