Jamie McMorrow & Garry McLaughlin - Year of Fear: Yellow (3 stars)

Jamie McMorrow & Garry McLaughlin - Year of Fear: Yellow

(Laser Age Comics)
The second instalment of Year of Fear is another gruesome black and white affair as a faceless killer stalks the streets. Taking obvious inspiration from the Italian giallo film movement, we get the black gloves, savage violence and sharply framed action (‘giallo’ is Italian for ‘yellow’). All of which leads to a suitably shocking reveal in the very final frame.

Unfortunately plans for a full colour run were abandoned due to rising print prices (a very real consideration for small presses like Laser Age) but Garry McLaughlin’s art still looks great in monochrome, capturing the dizzying nightmare of Jamie McMorrow’s story which boils down the essence of slasher cinema into the short story format. You may want a bit more depth but this is definitely a Glasgow comics publishing house to watch. For more information and to order or download both issues of Year of Fear visit www.laseragecomics.com

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