Lady Gaga casts transsexuals for video?

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  • 18 January 2011
Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is rumoured be casting transsexuals to star in her new video for forthcoming single 'Born This Way'

Lady Gaga is rumoured to be casting transsexuals in the video for 'Born This Way'.

The 'Alejandro' singer is no stranger to controversy - appearing in a dress made entirely of meat to an award ceremony last year, claiming to be a bisexual, and setting her lover on fire at the end of the video for 'Bad Romance' - and the video to her new single may be set to challenge the viewer even further.

Gossip blogger Perez Hilton revealed: "Sources attending a transsexual party hosted by Alannah Starr this weekend in NYC have reported that Lady Gaga's people were present, and casting trans ladies for the pop star's upcoming music video, said to preparing for a shoot next week."

The US singer is expected to premiere 'Born This Way' at the Grammy awards on February 13,while the album of the same name is scheduled for release on May 23.

Gaga has previously claimed she places hidden messages in her music videos, which have seen her frequently collaborate with Swedish director Jonas Akerlund and typically stretched the accepted conventions of the medium - with her video for song 'Telephone' running to nine and a half minutes.

She said: "There's certainly always a hidden message in my music videos. But I would say most predominately, I'm always trying to convolute everyone's idea of what a pop music video should be.

"There was this really amazing quality in 'Paparazzi,' where it kind of had this pure pop music quality but at the same time it was a commentary on fame culture. In its own way, even at certain points working with Jonasreally achieved this high art quality in the way that it was shot.

"I wanted to do the same thing with 'Telephone' -take a decidedly pop song, which on the surface has a quite shallow meaning, and turn it into something deeper."

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