Dermot O'Leary wants US X Factor job

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  • 18 January 2011
Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary

Dermot O'Leary has admitted while he is happy with his presenting job on 'The X Factor', he is keen to spread his wings to the US version of the talent show

Dermot O'Leary wants to host the US 'X Factor'.

The 37-year-old presenter - who is rumoured to have landed the job Stateside - admitted he has already met with TV executives on the other side of the pond and while he still enjoys his UK job, he is keen to spread his wings.

He explained: "I've been over to the States to meet everyone and my girlfriend was working over there for the first three months of last year, so I spent some time over there with her. They have also come over to watch the London show twice.

"Of course I want it - I would love to do it - but I am still enjoying our show. I want to have a crack at the French one, too. If I get the chance!"

Despite the public backlash surrounding last year's 'X Factor', Dermot thinks the ITV1 show is "extraordinary".

He said: "The great thing about the show is that you can pick it up whenever. Before I was involved, I would never miss the audition phase, then I'd start to select my favourites as it went on. The auditions and studio sessions are unmissable.

"The other great thing is how it crosses the generation gap. It's extraordinary."

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