Sonia Fowler's unfinished business

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  • 17 January 2011
Natalie Cassidy

EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy

EastEnders' Sonia Fowler will have ''unfinished business'' to resolve when she returns to Walford later this week

Sonia Fowler will have "unfinished business" when she returns to 'EastEnders' this week.

Actress Natalie Cassidy - who is to reprise her role in the BBC One soap on a short-term basis - thinks her downtrodden character has plenty of "scope", and it would be nice for her to appear in Walford on a more regular basis.

She explained: "Every time I go back on set it's like going home. There are changes, because things evolve, characters evolve. But Sonia doesn't change. I've changed so much as a person but Sonia is always the run-down girl from next door who has no fashion sense.

"The good thing about going back this time was seeing that there is scope for more. Martin (James Alexandrou) and Sonia have split and she is living around the corner with Rebecca (Jade Sharif), who's now at school.

"But there is lots of unfinished business. It would be nice for her to come back more often, so people can find out what happened with her and Martin."

Despite being keen to return to 'EastEnders', Natalie admitted it would be difficult to go back to playing Sonia permanently because she is now a mother to four-month-old Eliza.

She added to The People newspaper: "It would be lovely to just pop in and out every fortnight. But that would be like having my cake and eating it. If 'EastEnders' were to invite me to come back six days a week, I'd have to say no because I have to be with Eliza."

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