White Lies shocked by number one

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  • 16 January 2011
White Lies

White Lies

White Lies never expected their debut album to reach number one in the UK - and don't think their forthcoming follow-up LP can match the feat

White Lies never expected their first album to go to number one in the UK.

The London-based trio were overjoyed when their debut LP 'To Lose My Life.' topped the charts two years ago because the music scene at the time was so different to the songs they were creating.

Drummer Jack Brown said: "I think the first album came out at a really difficult time for anyone playing guitar music. It was the star of when guitar music didn't matter for two years, really. I was quite proud of that, I'm glad we made an impact."

Frontman Harry McVeigh added: "I think a number one was definitely what our label wanted and planned for. But it was still a great moment when we got it. I wasn't expecting it but I think they were. A number one record sounded unreal to me, it was a really great achievement."

The group are set to release their second album, 'Ritual', next week and don't think it will match the success of their debut record.

Jack said: "I don't think it will go to number one personally. Take That and Rihanna are selling too many records."

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