Adele too shy for Glee meeting

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 16 January 2011


Adele is such a big fan of 'Glee', she was too shy to meet some of the stars of the show when they came to England and pretended to be busy

Adele was too nervous to meet the stars of 'Glee'.

The 22-year-old British singer is such a big fan of the US musical drama series, she couldn't bring herself to meet with Amber Riley and Chris Colfer - who play Mercedes and Kurt - when they came to the UK.

She admitted: "I f***ing love 'Glee', love, love, love 'Glee'.

"I was meant to meet Amber and Chris the last time they were in London but I kept saying I was too busy because I was so nervous.

"'Glee' is a really important show actually. It's funny, but it's quite serious as well."

While Adele is a big fan of the show, she is unlikely to want to make a guest appearance after being embarrassed by a previous cameo role in US comedy 'Ugly Betty'.

She explained in an interview with Attitude magazine: "I was such a mug on that show. I wasn't meant to say anything because you have to have an actor's visa in America. I was meant to turn up and mime my song but I turned up and they gave me a script and I had to speak as part of the storyline.

"Because I was in America, I put on a fake English accent. I don't know why! Everyone I know was taking the p**s out of me.

"Since then, I've had so many offers for other TV programmes or films, and I'm just like, 'F**k off.' "


Smokey soul pop from Adele, touring he latest smash hit album 25.

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