Exposure: Allo Darlin’

Exposure: Allo Darlin’

The London indie-pop quartet in thrall to the wistful sounds of Magnetic Fields and Camera Obscura

Since forming in 2009, London indie-pop quartet Allo Darlin’ have had a ‘seat of our pants’ couple of years, between making their self-titled debut album for Fortuna Pop! and touring the US and Europe. Australian vocalist Elizabeth Morris describes swapping Brisbane for the Big Smoke and forming a band in thrall to the wistful sounds of Magnetic Fields and Camera Obscura.

Brisbane has a great pop history, but there was a lot of noise, Sonic Youth-style stuff going on, and I didn’t think I could make the music I wanted to. So I moved to London, started going out to indie-pop clubs and eventually met all the people who are now in Allo Darlin’.

Fortuna Pop! are something of a twee institution – you must have been delighted when they signed you?
Definitely – it was quite incredible really for [Fortuna boss] Sean [Price] to take a chance on us. He’s been going for 14 years or something, and enjoys bringing out a six-figure sum for the amount of money that he’s lost in that time! It’s great that The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are doing so well and that there’s lots of other exciting bands on the label.

DIY indie-pop festivals are a growing phenomenon globally – do you welcome a surge of interest in the genre?
It’s amazing, it feels like a community all over the world. We get asked if it’s just a fad, but there are people who come to our shows who have been into indie-pop since the 80s. Suddenly the spotlight is on this type of music, but even if the spotlight goes away, it’ll still be there.

Captains Rest, Glasgow, Fri Jan 28

Allo Darlin' - Dreaming

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