Adele - 21 (4 stars)

Adele - 21

Alternately buoyant and tear-jerking record rampant with chart-seducing gospel, blues and rock ‘n’ roll


It is increasingly hard to believe that soul-pop titan Adele was once pitted against Duffy.

While the latter has spiralled into helium-vocal mockery and farcical caffeine drink endorsements – not to mention disappointing sales for her recent second album – Adele’s belting sophomore long-player, 21, is cause for jubilation.

From opener ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (which whips the bombastic, danceable rock throne from under Florence’s gathering gowns) to the classic piano balladry of ‘Turning Tables’ and ‘Someone Like You’, Adele deftly commands – and vocally consummates – an alternately buoyant and tear-jerking record that’s rampant with chart-seducing gospel, blues and rock ‘n’ roll.

Adele - Rolling In The Deep


Smokey soul pop from Adele, touring he latest smash hit album 25.

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