Randan Discotheque's Heather the Weather - Single of the Month

Randan Discotheque's Heather the Weather - Single of the Month

Singles & downloads January 2011

The humanoid is often wracked with existential angst at the turn of the year. This malady will be aggravated by the latest release from Sandi Thom. One is likely to suffer unyielding conundrums like: why has this single been released? And: why has Thom covered ‘House of the Rising Sun’ (Essential) ●? And: why must she warble about a whorehouse as one might a tragically befallen love? The List has retreated to bed with a fever, convinced that this is a hatchet job on the virtuous name of Scottish pop.

Thank goodness, then, for The Seventeenth Century, who recover the nation’s musical honour with the starlit fingerpicking, huddled harmonies and soaring fanfares of ‘Young Francis’ (Electra French) ●●●●.

The Streets further assuage our torment with ‘Going Through Hell’ (679) ●●●●, which unifies Skinner’s ambling chat with beefcake riffage and a gleaming MOR chorus, and is every bit as fit as such a heady aural orgy suggests.

Similarly euphoric is Yasmin’s ‘On My Own’ (Ministry of Sound) ●●●. Although the press release is all about trip hop, we’re down with its arms-aloft resemblance to Crystal Waters and Ce Ce Peniston. Villagers contribute their life-affirming tuppence-worth with ‘Becoming a Jackal’ (Domino) ●●●●, the stand-out title track from last year’s debut album, but this issue’s ebullient garland goes to the punk-spattered power-pop of Glasgow’s CDEX: ‘I Need Your Touch’ (Armellodie) ●●● recalling JSBX and RFTC; it’s all the best acronyms rolled into one.

Speaking of acronyms, HMSG – Anstruther pop star HMS Ginafore – has united with Glasgow folk alchemist Iona Marshall for a sublime EP, 10x10:07 (De-Fence) ●●●●. Ginafore comes forth with ‘Rock of Ages’, an electro-acoustic tropical swansong (no!); while the cosmic synth-folk of Marshall’s ‘Shtoom’ is so beautiful it’s quite upsetting. It is Mike Oldfield’s ‘Moonlight Shadow’ for the DIY pop generation. It is perfect.

But it’s to Randan Discotheque we turn for Single of the Month. ‘Heather the Weather’ (The Bonjour Branch) ●●●● simultaneously canonises one of our greatest-ever meteorologists, and confirms your correspondent’s suspicions that a Corries revival is round the corner. Egad! The year is looking brighter.

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