Tamwar Masood to flee EastEnders?

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 14 January 2011
EastEnders actor Himesh Patel

EastEnders actor Himesh Patel

Tamwar Masood could be set to flee 'EastEnders' with his girlfriend Afia Khan when his parents ban the loved-up youngsters from seeing one another

Tamwar Masood could be set to flee 'EastEnders'.

The troubled teen - played by Himesh Patel - is being forced into a job he hates at the family business Argee Bhajee, and to add to his woes his strict parents have banned the youngster from seeing his gorgeous new girlfriend Afia Khan (Meryl Fernandes).

Himesh explained: "If Tamwar thought about it, every bone in his body would be telling him to take Afia and run! I'm not sure he'd have the resolve to go through with it though.

"His parents are a nightmare, but everything they do for him is unquestionably out of true love. Their methods are just destructive."

Despite his alter-ego having to make a difficult decision between the love of his life and his bossy family, Himesh hopes the storyline will have a happy ending with all the warring characters eventually reconciling.

He added to Inside Soap magazine: "It's all about understanding. If they took a step back, I think they'd understand how much Tamwar likes Afia.

"I'd like to see a reconciliation. I hope they band together again.

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