Nicky Slater blasts Dancing On Ice stars

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  • 14 January 2011
Nicky Slater

Nicky Slater

Former 'Dancing On Ice' judge Nicky Slater has blasted the ITV1 show, saying bosses should have spent more cash on securing better stars than improving the look of the set

Former 'Dancing On Ice' judge Nicky Slater has blasted the ITV1 show for failing to secure high-profile contestants.

The ex skating champ - who was axed from the series last year - claimed the reality show is no longer "serious" and too much emphasis has been put on entertainment and improving the look of the set.

He said: "They could have spent more money on booking better-known stars rather than making expensive cosmetic changes to the set.

"Once they establish their personalities with viewers it won't matter whether they are A-list or Z-list. The emphasis now is on entertainment, rather than having a serious ice dancing competition - which is the wrong way around."

Nicky was told in 2010 after five years on the panel that his services were no longer required as the celebrity TV contest was being "refreshed".

Changes have included reducing the panel to just three judges - Spice Girls star Emma Bunton, Jason Gardiner and Robin Cousins - the introduction of a new marking system, a more glamorous set and changes to the skate-offs.

However, the skating professional slammed the three existing judges, claiming they are not experienced enough for the job.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: "Emma is more exposed as she doesn't have enough ice-skating experience. Jason has no experience either.

"I think Robin looks very good in the middle of the panel as chief judge but although a great skater he was not an ice dancer, which is what the competition is about."

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