PJ Harvey to release new album Let England Shake

PJ Harvey set to release album Let England Shake - Hear new track Written On The Forehead

Hear Written On The Forehead and The Words That Maketh Murder

Written On The Forehead by pjharvey

PJ Harvey's eighth studio album ‘Let England Shake’ is set to be released on the 14th February 2011 through Island Records. 'Written On The Forehead' is the first taste of what Harvey has been creating, after a lull of over three years since her last studio album, 'White Chalk' (2007).

The singer performed over half the new album on autoharp, an instrument known originally for it's folk sound, and favoured by the likes of Joni Mitchell. The instrument's appeal lies in allowing the artist to play specific chords while muting the undesired strings. This gave Harvey the liberty to create a unique and slightly darker sound than her previous work. In line with Harvey's determination to keep the new album as fresh and different from her old material as possible, the album was partially recorded in a Dorset church with most of the music performed live. Harvey feels this assisted in capturing the energy and uplifting quality of her bands performance.

Full album tracklisting

1. Let England Shake
2. The Last Living Rose
3. The Glorious Land
4. The Words That Maketh Murder
5. All And Everyone
6. On Battleship Hill
7. England
8. In The Dark Places
9. Bitter Branches
10. Hanging In The Wire
11. Written On The Forehead
12. The Colour of The Earth

The album will be supported by a run of sold out live shows across Europe where PJ Harvey will perform with a live band including Mick Harvey, John Parish and Jean-Marc Butty.

2011 tour dates

July 23rd Alexandra Palace, London (as part of Portishead's 'I'll Be Your Mirror')
May 31st Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
May 30th Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland
May 26th Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal
May 25th Aula Magna, Lisbon, Portugal
February 28th Troxy, London, UK
February 27th Troxy, London, UK
February 25th Olympia, Paris, France
February 24th Olympia, Paris, France
February 22nd Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany
February 21st Admiralspalast, Berlin, Germany
February 19th Cirque Royale, Brussels, Belgium
February 18th Cirque Royale, Brussels, Belgium


PJ Harvey - The Last Living Rose

PJ Harvey- The Words That Maketh Murder

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