John Hicklenton - 100 Months (4 stars)

John Hicklenton - 100 Months

Uncensored and unrelenting tribute to Judge Dredd artist and MS-sufferer who lived on the edge

(Cutting Edge)

To truly appreciate 100 Months, you need to understand the circumstances under which it was written. John Hicklenton was a controversial but much-loved British artist whose exaggerated and brutal art brought to vivid life the likes of Judge Dredd and Nemesis the Warlock. Sadly Hicklenton was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2000, and chose to take his own life in Switzerland with the help of Dignitas earlier this year. What he left us was 100 Months, his final primal scream of rage and frustration.

When you look at 100 Months in this context, you can’t help but be moved by an uncompromising look at the selfishness of humanity. There’s a strong environmental message, a pitch black humour and lashings of ultra-violence as Mara (representing earth) seeks bloody revenge against the Longpig. Uncensored and unrelenting, its anger and honesty is a fitting tribute to an artist who lived on the edge.

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