Global Cool event encourages 'rebooting' a jumper to save money and reduce fuel usage

Global Cool event encourages 'rebooting' a jumper to save money and reduce fuel usage

Scottish artist collective Garterstitch100 to create 10m stitch blanket to mark International Women’s Day

Staying warm over winter doesn’t mean you need to look like a dag, you know. Why not give old jumpers a jazz-up for starters, suggest Claire Sawers and Yasmin Ali

Tempting though it may be to break out the high-neck Damart thermals at this time of year, and bury yourself beneath layers of wadding and fleece, there are ways of staying draft-free and still exposing a hint of waistline/ dress sense/ youthful abandon in the process. A decent belt or thick pair of tights is one way of breathing new life into an old cardigan or sweater-dress, but for inspiration on how to resuscitate old jumpers and give them a new look, the Sew Remade workshop could be worth a visit. Run by young eco-brand Global Cool, which points out that layering up saves money on heating bills and does the planet a favour in the process, it will give participants a jumper to work on, and access to wool/ sequins/ buttons etc to sew on.

The event is part of Global Cool’s winter campaign to ‘Turn Up The Style, Turn Down the Heat’, and builds on the success of last year’s ‘18 Degrees of inspiration’ which encouraged people to turn their thermostat down to 18 degrees. (A UK household could save approximately £55 per year, just by turning down the thermostat by one degree, says Global Cool).

Saving the planet while staying warm-as-toast is one reason to rediscover a love of knitwear. For Garterstitch100, there is a much more noble incentive. The Scottish artist collective is keen for volunteers to ‘sitandknitabit’, and help create a blanket, made up of a mind-boggling 100 million stitches in 6x6 inch squares. The stitches can be Fair Isle, stripes, or anything else you desire, and represent the number of woman missing worldwide due to gender discrimination. The blanket will be displayed as part of Loop; a day of events to mark the upcoming International Women’s Day centenary on Tuesday 8 March.

Global Cool ‘Sew Remade’ workshop, 7–10pm, Wed 12 Jan, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, £5, price includes materials and a jumper.

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Sewing class with Silvia Pellegrino & Jennie Lööf, Jan/Feb, dates TBC, Welcome Home, Keith St, Glasgow. See for updates.

Garterstitch 100
‘sitandknitabit.’ Volunteers are invited to send 6x6 inch squares of knitting to Tramway, Glasgow, by Mon 28 Feb. See for details.

Wool Pack knitting and crocheting night
First Tuesday of the month, 7.30pm, Sheep Heid Inn, The Causeway, Edinburgh.
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Knitting night
Sofi’s Bar, Henderson St, Edinburgh, Thu 13 Jan and Thu 10 Feb, 7.30pm.

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