Denise Welch's booze bender

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  • 11 January 2011
Denise Welch

Denise Welch

'Dancing On Ice' star Denise Welch failed to appear on ITV1's 'Loose Women' yesterday (10.01.11) after a 10-hour booze bender on Sunday night (09.01.11)

Denise Welch failed to appear on 'Loose Women' yesterday (10.01.11) after a 10-hour bender with the 'Dancing On Ice' crew.

The former 'Coronation Street' star - who is appearing alongside Matt Evers in the celebrity skating series - was reportedly given a strict talking to by ITV1 bosses after calling in sick to the chatshow with a hangover.

Despite not actually making her 'Dancing On Ice' debut until next weekend, the 52-year-old TV personality decided to go out on a booze bender to celebrate the launch of the series on Sunday night (09.01.11), and was spotted knocking back champagne and shots until the early hours at Shepperton Studios.

An insider explained: "Denise went out with the cast and crew from 'Dancing' for a quick drink. But the excitement of the first-night show proved too much and nine hours later she was propping up the bar."

After realising she would be in no fit state to appear in her usual role on 'Loose Women', Denise made an emergency text to fellow panellist Coleen Nolan, asking her to cover for her.

The source added to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "Denise and Coleen are great mates, so Denise sent her a text at midnight, apologising for the state she was going to be in and checking Coleen was OK to cover. Coleen was in London for 'This Morning', so it was no major drama.

"Everyone knows what Denise is like and she was boozing with the ITV crew, so most people knew she was going to call in sick. But not everyone was impressed and Denise was given a talking to. She is very apologetic."


1. MissAbiD5 Mar 2011, 11:40pm Report

Denise Welch is an amazing women who has been through loads of things in her life e.g. Depression. She should be able to live her life how she wants to, without the likes of the journalists (like you) bullying her after a night out. Yours sicerely Abigail Doherty (Her number 1 fan).

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