Angela Rippon sad over Dancing on Ice departure

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 January 2011
Angela Rippon

Angela Rippon

Angela Rippon is extremely disappointed to have been voted off 'Dancing on Ice' because there were so many new skills she wanted to be able to showcase

Angela Rippon says being first voted off 'Dancing on Ice' is like having a flight cancelled.

The veteran presenter - who departed the show last night along with Nadia Sawalha - was disappointed not to have a place in the final official 12 contestants after losing the public poll.

She said: "I really am disappointed, of course, but I mean anybody would be to have been knocked out on the very first programme when you've done all of that training for 10-12 weeks.

"People always use the term 'journey' with regards to these kind of programmes. And it was like going on a journey and it was as if you've got to Heathrow Airport and discovered that the plane has been cancelled. You know, 'You can't go any further, sorry.' "

Angela, 66, was partnered with professional skater Sean Rice in the competition and is disappointed that they didn't get the opportunity to show viewers more of the skills they have been learning for later in the series.

She added in an interview on UK TV series 'This Morning': "It was a huge disappointment because from the very beginning, Sean - I mean he's such a wonderful teacher - and he said 'I want to teach you how to skate'. So he taught me to skate and we had so many other things that we wanted to do.

"That was a very slow piece of music we had, so we were slightly sort of restricted in the kind of things that you can do to interpret that sort of music, and I would have loved to have done something that was a bit more kind of beauty.

"We certainly had things up our sleeves that we rehearsed and practised that were a bit different - and now I'll never get to do them which is a real shame."

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