Jennifer Metcalfe's retirement dream

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 10 January 2011
Jennifer Metcalfe

Jennifer Metcalfe

'Hollyoaks' actress Jennifer Metcalfe dreams of making enough money to retire at the age of 35 and having ''beautiful babies''

Jennifer Metcalfe is hoping to retire at the age of 35.

The 27-year-old 'Hollyoaks' star - who is competing in the new series of 'Dancing On Ice' - revealed her dream is to make enough money to retire young, spend her days shopping and have "beautiful babies".

She explained: "I'd love to live somewhere warm. I want to make loads of money and retire at 35.

"I'll work hardcore for 10 years and that's it. I'm always saving. Then I'll just shop and stuff and have beautiful babies."

For the meantime, the brunette beauty explained she has been taking advice from her 'Hollyoaks' co-star Kieron Richardson (Ste Hey) - who appeared in the last series of 'Dancing On Ice' - on how to ensure she becomes an ice skating pro.

Jennifer said: "I've been getting loads of advice from Kieron. We went to a party just before I started training and he was flinging me upside down.

"He's not a big guy either so God knows how he got me above his head . but he did."

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