Paula Lane has pity for Corrie character

Paula Lane feels sorry for her troubled 'Coronation Street' character Kylie Turner because she had such a difficult upbringing

Paula Lane

Paula Lane

Paula Lane feels sorry for her 'Coronation Street' character.

The actress plays Kylie Turner in the ITV1 soap and while viewers are appalled at her behaviour - which has seen her sell her young son Max to sister Becky after getting pregnant at 16 - Paula believes her troubled childhood is partly to blame for her actions.

She said: "Kylie's a mixed-up girl, but she's had to fight for survival. I feel for her - it's quite a sad story. When I analyse things that have happened in my past I can draw on it to play her."

Kylie - who was raised by an alcoholic mother - initially demanded £20,000 from Becky (Katherine Kelly) and her husband Steve (Simon Gregson) for Max but returned on the night of the tram crash and asked for a further £20,000 in order for them to keep the little boy and while Paula doesn't agree with her character selling her son, she can see why she did it.

The 24-year-old star said in an interview with the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I'm maternal myself so it's difficult to understand why Kylie doesn't want Max, but she was 16 when she had him and hasn't been able to have a life of her own. She genuinely thinks he can have a better life with Becky and Steve."


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