Samantha Womack in 'living hell' over baby plot

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  • 9 January 2011
Samantha Womack

Samanha Womack who plays Ronnie Banning

'EastEnders' actress Samantha Womack reportedly considered walking out on the show when she first received scripts for her character Ronnie Branning's controversial baby-swap storyline

Samantha Womack feels she is in a "living hell".

The 'EastEnders' actress has faced verbal abuse and been at the centre of public outcry over the soap's current controversial baby-swap storyline - which saw her character Ronnie Branning switch her dead infant for Kat Moon's (Jessie Wallace) newborn - and even considered walking out on the show in disgust.

A friend of the actress - who quit the show in November, allegedly after receiving scripts for the plot - said: "Sam's had it with the BBC now. She wants to come out all guns blazing but she's still under contract so had to bide her time.

"The thing with Sam is she's a professional. She did think about walking off set and never coming back but that's not how she operates.

"Nevertheless, she's been plunged into a living hell by this. Some viewers can't separate fact from fiction. It's a huge ordeal and she doesn't even want to leave the house."

Show bosses have confirmed they have rewritten storylines so the plot will come to an end in April - eight months earlier than planned - in a bid to diffuse the outcry, but 'EastEnders' chief Bryan Kirkwood is said to be furious at the chaos the programme has plunged into because of the changes.

An insider told the News of the World newspaper: "The show's in meltdown. Bryan isn't happy at all because he's being forced to rewrite the baby stuff. It's absolute havoc.

"He believes he should be left alone to run the show like he was at 'Hollyoaks'."

Bryan faces further stresses as it is claimed senior cast members are furious with Samantha's decision to quit the show and believe it is his fault.

The source continued: "Now he faces revolt from some senior stars, angry at Samantha's going and that the producer ever let it come to this."

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