Davina McCall wanted post-BB time off

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  • 31 December 2010
Big Brother host Davina McCall

Davina McCall

Davina McCall had hoped to take three months off when 'Big Brother' finished this summer, but found it so hard to turn down job offers she has ended up being swamped with work

Davina McCall wanted to take three months off when 'Big Brother' ended this summer.

The TV host - who fronted the reality show from when it started in 2000 until the last series earlier in the year - admitted while she had planned to take some time off work, she finds it hard to turn down a good show.

She explained: "'Got To Dance', I was already signed up for and I was quite keen to have something definite after 'Big Brother'. Also, in my game, you can't take a year off. If you do, everyone will forget about you and all the new shows will go to someone else.

"That's how the industry works. I did actually plan to have two or three months off, but when a good programme comes along, I can't say no."

Davina - who is also hosting diet show 'The Biggest Loser' - joked that it was a case of all the buses coming at once, as after March her schedule is much clearer.

She added to Digital Spy: "I've done loads more 'Million Pound Drops' and they keep asking for more and more of them. And then when I was up to my eyeballs with that along comes ITV with 'The Biggest Loser' and I couldn't say no to that either. I am just made for 'The Biggest Loser', the glove just fits. It's so up my street.

"Hopefully next time we can work the diary out so that the shows don't run at the same time. I have four shows coming up and then after March - nothing! All four buses came at once."

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