Usher accused of Simpsons rip off

Usher has been accused of ripping off cartoon character Homer Simpson in his smash hit 'OMG'



Usher has been accused of copying Homer Simpson.

The 32-year-old singer has angered fans of popular US TV show 'The Simpsons' with lyrics that sound familiar to a Christmas tune the cartoon dad once sang.

In his smash hit 'OMG', Usher sings: "Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow. Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow."

'Simpsons' fans say the line bears too much resemblance to a song Homer sang in a 2003 episode called 'Dude, Where's My Ranch?' which goes: "Christmas in December, wow wow wow. Give me tons of presents, now now now."

A video mash-up of the songs has appeared on YouTube after the similarities were discovered by a US radio show and many people have been commenting on the clip which has received almost 500,000 hits.

One written by jvmiam wrote: "If this is an example of Usher's so-called talent, it is pathetic. Homer Simpson has more musical ability than Usher."

However other users of the website have said the similarity is pure coincidence.

Usher fan atkinsbabe said: "doesn't matter. 'OMG' is still a great song. (sic)"


The R&B smoothie and hip hop artist tours in support of his eighth studio album UR.


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