Kelly Windsor to cause chaos

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  • 30 December 2010
Adele Silva

Emmerdale actress Adele Silva

Kelly Windsor's return to 'Emmerdale' will cause chaos for Jimmy and Nicola King, after the soap seductress vows to make her former fiance's life a misery

Kelly Windsor's return to 'Emmerdale' will cause chaos for Jimmy and Nicola King.

The mouthy vixen - who bowed out of the ITV1 soap in 2007 after Jimmy (Nick Miles) ditched her at the altar - will rock the couple's previously happy marriage, with tension set to spark between the pair from almost the moment she sets foot back in the village.

Tom King - who plays Jimmy's businessman brother Carl - explained: "It puts a bomb under Jimmy and Nicola's (Nicola Wheeler) relationship."

However, the actor admitted he is concerned how Adele Silva - who plays the soap seductress - will cope with the Dales' wintry weather, as her alter-ego's skimpy outfits are likely to leave her feeling decidedly chilly.

He added to The Sun newspaper: "Adele's great fun but she's coming back at the wrong time. Her character wears little and it's freezing in the village."

The actress recently admitted she couldn't turn down the opportunity to return to playing feisty Kelly.

She said: "I absolutely loved playing Kelly. She's going to be three years older but probably not three years wiser! Whenever Kelly is around she's always caught up in something which makes her a lot of fun.

"The chance to come back was just too good an opportunity to turn down."

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