The Wanted want Pixie

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  • 28 December 2010
The Wanted

The Wanted

Boy band The Wanted are keen to work with pop star Pixie Lott

The Wanted hope to collaborate with Pixie Lott.

The boy band would love to perform with the pop beauty and the five-piece admit they admire more about her than just her vocal talents.

Singer Nathan Sykes said: "We'd like to work with Pixie Lott, she's always a good shout. Is it because I fancy her? Of course, who doesn't fancy Pixie Lott!"

As well as cementing their success in the UK, the group are hoping to take their music Stateside in the New Year.

Nathan told BANG Showbiz: "It's really exciting I think we'll go to America to film the third single.

"We've had a few discussions with people out there, some people have said, 'We like 'All Time Low', have you got anything else we might like.' it's been really good.

"They seem to be interested, we'll go over there for a couple of days to see what they have to say, it's looking really exciting. We've been over in Germany doing promo so hopefully things will go well over there then maybe we can go over to America.

"We're definitely coming back to the UK to do a full on tour, which will be amazing."

Pixie Lott

Teen pop star with a big voice but few distinguishing musical features.

The Wanted

Latest airbrushed boy band to pop off the end of the production line.

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