John Barrowman back for more Torchwood

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 December 2010

John Barrowman

'Doctor Who' spin-off show 'Torchwood' will continue to be filmed for the next seven years in a collaboration between US Starz network and the BBC

John Barrowman has promised he will film 'Torchwood' for at least seven more years.

The Scottish actor has revealed the extra-terrestrial investigation sci-fi series has been picked up by the Starz network in the US and will now be a joint production between the American broadcaster and the BBC.

He said: "I have turned down a load of other shows to make Torchwood. We'll be filming it in Los Angeles as it's now a collaboration between the BBC and the Starz Network in America.

"They're planning to make it for the next seven years. So I'll be spending six months a year in Hollywood and six back in the UK."

John - who has previously appeared in 'Desperate Housewives' - says he is delighted he can continue to play Captain Jack in the spin-off of British show 'Dr Who' and isn't worried about ageing on screen.

He explained to The Scottish Sun newspaper: "Captain Jack turns into the hideous creature The Face Of Boe in the fullness of time so he won't always be good- looking anyway.

"But I'll keep playing Jack as long as I can. One thing you'll never find me doing is going for plastic surgery."

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