Lacey Turner's sock-filled Christmas

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 December 2010
EastEnders actress Lacey Turner

Lacey Turner

Lacey Turner isn't bothered by presents at Christmas, but the actress admits she would be upset if she didn't see socks in her stocking

Lacey Turner wants socks for Christmas.

The 'EastEnders' actress - who bows out of her role as Stacey Branning over the festive period - never asks her friends and relatives for any gifts, but admits she would be upset if she didn't see the same things in her stocking every year.

She said: "I never ask for anything. As long as I get my usual quota of socks I'll be happy."

Lacey will be spending Christmas with her family and though she likes to help out, she is doing her best to stay out of the kitchen.

She admitted: "I'll be at home with my family and we will be watching 'EastEnders'. We've done so for years - it's a family tradition.

"We all help out with Christmas lunch, but I'm a rubbish cook so I'll offer to do something else. Maybe I'll hand out the peanuts instead."

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