Carl King to forgive Chas' revenge plot?

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  • 22 December 2010
Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter

Emmerdale actress Lucy Pargeter

Emmerdale's Carl King will be prepared his scorned fiancee Chas Dingle if she goes through with her plan to ditch him at the altar

Emmerdale's Carl King will forgive his fiancee Chas Dingle's revenge plot.

Tom Lister - who plays the adulterous businessman - admitted his alter-ego will be prepared to forgive and forget if the scorned brunette chooses to ditch him at the altar after finding out about his steamy affair with blonde bombshell Eve Jenson (Suzanne Shaw).

He explained: "I think that he is so absolutely up for the whole wedding and for the whole baby that if he came clean and explained what was going on and tried to make good, that I think he would forgive her. Basically, he has cheated on her and deserves what's coming to him.

"I think he'd be shocked and gutted but he would be able to get over it and say, 'What the hell, let's just get married anyway, because you're the one I want'."

Despite Carl's affair, Tom believes he and Chas - played by Lucy Pargeter - are "destined to be together".

He added to Digital Spy: "Carl was obviously playing away but there's something about those two - they are an absolute nightmare when they are together because they either fall out or one of them does something that jeopardises the relationship.

"But they always keep coming together, back to one another. They are destined to be together. As she has been planning the wedding, she is losing confidence in the whole revenge plan because she realises how much she would actually love to marry him and would love to have a family with him."

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