Matt Smith's Doctor Who love

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  • 22 December 2010
Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Matt Smith loves the ''madness'' of his 'Doctor Who' alter-ego and relishes playing the many different aspects of the time-travelling character

Matt Smith loves the "madness" of his 'Doctor Who' character.

The 28-year-old star - who plays the eleventh incarnation of the time-travelling doctor - explained he relishes playing all the different aspects of his screen alter-ego.

He said: "I love his madness. I love his brain. I love that he's completely silly. I love how lonely he is. I love his bravery. I love the fact that he's clumsy."

Despite some fans of the sci-fi series being initially sceptical about Matt's age - he is the youngest person ever to play the Time Lord - the actor has always had confidence in his ability to play the iconic character.

He added to USA Today newspaper: "I didn't go on the Internet, I didn't read any of the press, because you can't. I knew people were saying I was too young and stuff, but I just had faith in my own instincts and my own ability and kept pushing forward with that.

"It was a risk, of course, but thankfully people have been very positive. I really want to push the boundaries of this part into next year now."

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