French electro-house DJ Yuksek set for Death Disco date

French electro-house DJ Yuksek set for Death Disco date

In-demand remixer for Lady Gaga, Phoenix, Gorillaz and Shitdisco on DJ tour

French electro-house DJ Yuksek didn’t take the most obvious route into his current career. ‘I studied piano at the French conservatoire for ten years,’ he says, ‘and after that I played bass and sang vocals in a few bands. Then I started going to clubs with a friend in the mid-90s, this was the beginning of the rave scene in France. I just thought, yeah, this is really fun, and I started to produce stuff like that.’

Although his style absolutely fits in with the French Touch sound pioneered in Paris by the likes of Daft Punk, Pierre-Alexandre Busson (who chose the name Yuksek because he thought it looked good and was meaningless, until he discovered it translates as ‘high’ in Turkish) is from Reims in the Champagne-Ardennes region. ‘I like that I still live here,’ he says. ‘I travel quite a lot, so I like to have a nice quiet place to come back to.’ It also no doubt comes in handy when he needs peace to get on with his extensive remix work, with Lady Gaga, Phoenix, Gorillaz and Scotland’s Shitdisco among many who have enjoyed a Yuksek rework.

Currently he’s between albums, so the live set which accompanied last year’s debut album Away From the Sea has been replaced by a DJ set for the moment. ‘I’m pleased with the new record,’ he says, ‘there are more actual songs on it, with more singing from me on all the tracks. It depends on the crowd how my DJ set goes for now, though. It can be disco and house or more electronic, or even some rock if it feels like that kind of night.’

Death Disco at the Arches, Glasgow, Sat 15 Jan

Phoenix - Lisztomania (Yuksek Remix) [HQ]

Death Disco

Electro, house, disco and gauche party tracks at the Arches' most lurid monthly party, with residents Hush Puppy, Josh Jones and Wavy Graves.

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