Tracy Barlow 'nastier than ever'

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  • 21 December 2010
Kate Ford

Coronation Street actress Kate Ford

Tracy Barlow will be nastier than ever when she returns to 'Coronation Street' this Christmas determined to get her daughter Amy back

Tracy Barlow will be nastier than ever when she returns to 'Coronation Street' this Christmas.

The feisty femme fatale - who was last seen heading to jail for the murder of her evil ex-boyfriend Charlie Stubbs (Bill Ward) - will come back to the cobbles after being released on bail following the revelation that the forensic expert connected with her trial was a fraud.

However "tougher than ever" Tracy - played by Kate Ford - will be returning with just one thing on her mind - getting her daughter Amy (Elle Mulvaney) back from former flame Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) and his new wife Becky (Katherine Kelly).

Kate explained: "Tracy is harder than she's ever been before. Prison has really made her toughen up. She's learnt a few new tricks which can only mean trouble for everyone around her, especially Steve and Becky.

"In her mind, a child should be with their mother, regardless of the fact she's been in prison and proved she's a pretty nasty person. All she cares about is getting Amy back. As a mother myself I can understand that. It's just the way she goes about it that's all wrong. When it comes to Amy she won't back off."

However, Tracy is set to get her comeuppance when she is attacked by a vengeful enemy on New Year's Eve (31.12.10).

Kate added to the Daily Star newspaper: "The doorbell goes and Tracy answers the door. All fans will see her say is, 'Oh God, what do you want?' And the next minute she's lying in her own blood.

"With the amount of people she's p*****d off, the list of suspects is huge. But she knows exactly who it is and they are in serious trouble!"

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