Blue Sky Archives - Melodic post-rock and harmonious pop from Glasgow

Blue Sky Archives - Melodic post-rock and harmonious pop from Glasgow


From Glasgow they come with melodic post-rock and harmonious pop, like a shining light.

Hello, Blue Skies. What are you up to?
Paul: ‘I’m at my 9–5. The odour of coffee, commerce and coercion is palpable. I see a young, unshaven man in a cheap shirt. He looks tired and restless. I realise it’s me.’

Who’s in the band and what do you play?
Ross: ‘Well, there’s Matt Phelan (axe and sweet notes), Lauren Mayberry (lungs, keys and beats), Ross Rankin (the thud), Gavin Macdonald (four strings of thunder) and Paul McGrath (male wail and old-timey geetar).’

When did you start out, and how would you say you’ve changed since then?
Paul: ‘We started properly playing together as a group around this time last year. Sound-wise I think we’ve got a lot darker and a little more considered than we initially were. You’ll hear the beginning of that change in our next EP, and very much so in our live shows.’

Can you please tell us about your previous bands?
Ross: ‘I’m still in Titus Gein, Paul was in Dance Lazarus Dance, Lauren was in Boyfriend/Girlfriend. We’ve all been in numerous bands.’

Where can we get hold of your records?
Paul: ‘Our first self-titled EP is available online for listening, downloading and purchasing at Bandcamp, Facebook, MySpace and Big Cartel. And we’re very excited about our second EP, Plural, which is coming out soon. We also want to get our first album down on wax and to your ears.’

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