Metronomy to release second album 'The English Riviera' and play UK tour

Metronomy to release second album 'The English Riviera' and play UK tour

Joseph Mount and revitalised Brighton-based electro-pop band on 2011 tour

‘I wanted to work with Girls Aloud’, says Metronomy’s electro-sage Joseph Mount. ‘I mentioned it a lot in interviews. One fifth of my dream came true.’

Mount has recently written and recorded with GA’s Nicola Roberts (‘she’s a well-seasoned professional and much more talented than most people would give her credit for’) but he’s currently living it up in Paris. ‘I’m sitting in front of the telly, my feet are quite cold and there are lots of cars beeping their horns outside,’ he rhapsodises.

He’s preparing for a raft of live shows with his revitalised Brighton-based electro-pop band in tow: Anna Prior (formerly of Lightspeed Champion) on drums, Gbenga Adelekan on bass, Oscar Cash on keyboards and saxophone, and Mount himself on vocals, keyboards and guitar. They’re set to preview unheard songs from their third album, The English Riviera – the follow-up to 2008’s well-lauded Nights Out (which variously drew comparisons to Autechre, Prince and Hot Chip).

The List was recently overcome with excitement when Adelekan suggested that the new material sounds ‘like Daft Punk meets the Eagles’. Does Mount stand by such a wondrous claim? ‘I don’t think Gbenga will ever be allowed to forget the day he said that,’ sighs the frontman. ‘In fact, he only said some of it does, which perhaps it does. I wish all of it did.’

Mount has also collaborated with Kate Nash and remixed the likes of Roots Manuva, Franz Ferdinand, Lykke Li, the Klaxons and Goldfrapp. How does remodelling someone else’s work compare with fashioning music from scratch? ‘They are very different beasts,’ advises Mount.

Metronomy, too, has different guises. Its original form was a low-key three-piece. ‘Metronomy is now a fully-fledged live spectacular,’ heralds our protagonist, ‘with light-show, raffle, striptease and intermission. Three of those four are lies.’

King Tut's, Glasgow, Thu 20 Jan


Aka Brighton electronica artist and remixer Joseph Mount and his band who play breezy intelligent indie pop.

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