Cesaria Evora - Cesaria Evora & (4 stars)

Cesaria Evora - Cesaria Evora &


When she burst onto the scene twenty-two years ago ‘the barefoot diva’ put Cape Verde on the map, blowing everyone away, even though live on stage she could be stiff and diffident.

True, after her first irresistible albums her output became formulaic, adding her vocals to albums her team put together while she toured. Here however, Evora, now in her 60s, joins her remarkable voice with a Who’s Who of Latin, African and American stars (including Compay Segundo and Bonnie Raitt) for a set of beguiling Cape Verdean blues-style mornas and desert island songs that capture desire, yearning and love. The overall impact embraces a range of sublime voices celebrating this unlikely veteran star.

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