Labels of Love: Gerry Loves Records

Labels of Love: Gerry Loves Records

Fox Gut Daata

Edinburgh DIY imprint home to Yahweh, Conquering Animal Sound, Miaoux Miaoux and Wounded Knee

We bet Gerry Love loves Gerry Loves Records. Launched in April 2010 by childhood friends Paddy Berry and Andy Lobban (of alt-pop webfest Off the Beaten Tracks), the Edinburgh DIY imprint specialises in gorgeous vinyl products – as inspired by Motown, Creation, Factory and a certain Teenage Fanclub kingpin. Lobban reveals their masterplan …

What records have you released so far?
‘We’ve done three vinyl split releases: Conquering Animal Sound / Debutant; Trapped in Kansas / Yahweh; The Japanese War Effort / Fox Gut Daata / Miaoux Miaoux / Wounded Knee.’

What’s your vision for Gerry Loves?
We want to promote bands that need and deserve it and we want to produce beautiful, handcrafted products – to provide a tangible document of art, which is something we’re in danger of losing in the digital age. But we’re not technophobes: we love our iPods and the opportunities that the internet gives us – we do most of our promotion and sales on the web – and we offer a free download with all our records at the time of purchase.’

How can a vinyl label thrive in the digital age?
‘The web offers some real power to market music to smaller groups of people effectively – we’ve
seen streaming and free downloads help our sales. And I think there’s a good market for small labels doing short runs with nice packaging. I’m not sure there’s much money in though: our label is an expensive hobby rather than a viable business, and I don’t really see that changing.’

How important is your visual aesthetic?
Very important. We fell in love in music as an all-round package. Music is a living, breathing thing, and art and design is a big part of that. The visual identity that Peter Saville created for Factory, or that Vaughan Oliver did with covers at 4AD is arguably as important to those labels as some of the
music they’ve released.’

What’s coming up on Gerry Loves?
More gigs, more releases and we want to experiment with different models of selling things. Lots of ideas – keep an eye on our website for details as they emerge!’

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