Stella English wins The Apprentice

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  • 20 December 2010
Stella English

Stella English

Stella English has been chosen by Lord Alan Sugar as the winner of 'The Apprentice' 2010

Stella English has won 'The Apprentice'.

The 30-year-old blonde - who was formerly head of business management at a Japanese investment bank - was chosen over fellow candidate Chris Bates, 24, by multi-millionaire tycoon Lord Alan Sugar following a task which required the finalists to design an original alcoholic beverage.

Stella - who welcomed back former competitors Joanna Riley, Paloma Vivanco, Christopher Farrell and Melissa Cohen to her team - created a bourbon-based drink with a spicy twist named Urbon.

Lord Sugar's right hand man Nick Hewer noted the London-based businesswoman did a great job of keeping her team together without any fights.

He said: "Stella led her little team. There's been no fighting or snowboating and that is a valuable quality to have; to be able to lead a willing team."

Meanwhile, Chris and his team Jamie Lester, Liz Locke, Alex Epstein and Shibby Robati faced problems when they decided to market their pink drink Prism to men.

When deciding to pick Stella for the six-figure salary job, Lord Sugar said her ability to "handle a team" and still be "well liked" pushed him to choose her.

She said: "What I've seen over the past weeks Stella is that clearly you are a great organiser of people. You do know how to handle a team.

"Well liked and determined to get on with whatever you're asked to do. I've also taken note of where you have come from; the fact that at an early age you never had any qualifications and then went out of your way to train yourself. That shows me a lot of determination."

Stella confessed she found it "unbelievable" to have won but was delighted to have done so.

Speaking after the final, she said: "To think that little Stella from Thamesmead is the winner of 'The Apprentice' is unbelievable but I always believed it in my heart. After all the blood, sweat and tears I made it through to the end!"

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