My Dark Sky

Tramway, Glasgow, until Sat 30 Sep, then touring


Hans and Sophie Scholl were voted fourth in a 2003 poll of the greatest ever Germans. There are also four feature films telling their story, which is an established unit in the German school curriculum. This only begins to describe what an institution the White Rose group are in Germany. Now Reeling and Writhing have created a play about the individuals involved for a Scottish audience.

Set in 1943, Tim Nunn’s play dramatises the story of the White Rose Movement, a group of students led by the Scholl siblings Sophie and Hans (Nicola Jo Cully and Kenny Fulton). They protested the Nazi regime using leaflets, letters and graffiti sporting the slogans ‘Freedom’ and ‘Down With Hitler’. This play looks at the days prior to their capture.

It’s a David and Goliath story which is perhaps timely in our current unstable environment where the war has sparked a growing sense of despondency. This is a potent reminder that small gestures can make a difference while emphasising the importance of thinking for yourself.

Director Katherine Morley has refreshingly captured one of the darkest periods of German history by celebrating the heroes not condemning the evils. There are clever touches, such as the graffiti appearing with well timed lighting and Bartok’s music acting as a parody to the resistance while celebrating the power of art. It’s set to tour schools which perhaps explains the PG feel to what is otherwise a very harrowing story that needs to be told.

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