Arcade Fire grateful for album-loving fans

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  • 18 December 2010
Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire are pleased their fans relate to their entire albums, rather than just having a single favourite song

Arcade Fire are grateful to have not had "one pop radio hit".

The 'Suburban War' group enjoy the fact their fans relate to their music as a whole rather than attending their concerts just to hear one particular song.

Frontman Win Butler said: "We haven't had one pop radio hit that gets bludgeoned to death.

"At our shows people aren't coming just to hear one song. I feel really lucky that our audience has a different relationship to our music than Katy Perry fans do.

"It means the audience aren't waiting around to hear 'the hit' with the rest of the tracks not moving them."

Win is also hopeful their current album, the 16-track 'Suburbs', will stand the test of time and fans will still want to listen to it in years to come.

He added: "This album was a story we wanted to tell. It's the kind of album that, in ten years time, you'll come back to and rediscover a song you hadn't heard properly.

"It's like a double in the old days and I always take the long view with records."

Arcade Fire

The headily-acclaimed Canadian ensemble perform songs from their upcoming album, as well as tracks from their back catalogue.


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